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Administrative Assistant Job Description

Administrative Assistant Job Description

The Administrative Assistant Job Description varies somewhat from business to business, but ultimately it requires successfully managing and organizing an office. Often it requires “behind the scenes” work to help keep the office running smoothly and to make the boss appear as organized and professional as possible.

Some refer to administrative assistants as secretaries, and while they do perform many of the same tasks as secretaries, their job entails many more responsibilities. Like secretaries, they type, file, run errands, schedule meetings, and answer telephones, but they also take on more of a managerial position at the office. Today, many administrative assistants help their bosses by managing projects, conducting research, and generally serving as the boss’ “go-to” person. Since they work around so much office equipment, administrative assistants are also expected to be proficient with computers, copy and fax machines, telephones, and more.

Administrative Assistant Job Description

Those who join this career field often find that administrative assistant duties can be challenging, but quite rewarding. Many feel a sense of pride knowing that they are pivotal in maintaining the office’s efficiency and that they are the primary people keeping the boss organized. Employers recognize administrative assistants with initiative and savvy and will often reward those who are skilled at correspondence, dealing with the public, and those who intuitively know what is important and what is not. Administrative assistant salaries vary, but those who work hard can see their company progress and frequently enjoy the benefits of increased pay.

Administrative Assistant Education Requirements

If the job description for administrative assistant appeals to you, and you are planning on joining this career field, then you may want to consider getting some higher education. In today’s economy it can be very difficult to get a job in this area with only a high school diploma. Most employers like their administrative assistants to have at least an associate’s degree, or ideally, a bachelor’s degree.

The focus of study can vary, but should be geared toward the specific field in which you wish to work. Some colleges have administrative assistant degree programs for specific industries, such as the medical or legal fields. Many of these programs are even available online, which makes it very convenient to earn your degree while not totally disrupting your current schedule.

There are several quality online colleges where you can earn a bachelors degree or an associates in administrative assisting. Taking the courses online can even enhance your office performance as you are utilizing many of the same skills described in the administrative assistant job description (computer work, emailing, telephone etiquette, effective communication, etc).  If you decide to earn your degree online, be sure to choose a reputable and accredited college to increase your chances of getting your ideal job.

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